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Constitutional Activist

Marcia Watson

Marcia is the Executive Director of the Williamson County Citizens Defending Freedom who is passionate about educating Texans on the importance of constitutional literacy, especially as it pertains to the state's autonomy and governance.

personal info

Marcia is a native Texan, born and raised in Houston, and a lifelong advocate for the principles that make Texas unique. She is the devoted wife to Stephen West Watson and the proud mother of two successful sons, Jordan and Nicholas. The family are active members of the Williamson County Cowboy Church, contributing significantly to their community’s spiritual and cultural fabric.

Marcia and Stephen are the proprietors of several ranches across Texas, including Plum Creek Ranch, Buckhorn Hill Country Ranch, and Apache S Texas Border Ranch. They are members of the Texas Longhorn Ranchers & Breeders Association and are committed to sustainable ranching practices. Marcia is also an accomplished Appaloosa Horse Breeder and Developer, having achieved Parelli Level 3 status.

She holds a Computer Science degree from Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas. Marcia served as a Senior Program Executive Manager and Strategist at Dell Technologies from 1999 to 2014, where she was responsible for developing online web strategies and enhancing customer experiences.

Marcia serves as the Executive Director of Williamson County Citizens Defending Freedom (WilCo CDF), an organization committed to empowering citizens to defend their freedom and liberty. The organization focuses on ensuring compliance with America’s founding principles by public and private organizations in Williamson County.

She was also the Co-Director for the True Texas Project from 2021-22 and remains actively involved. The project aims to educate and motivate citizen engagement at all levels of government, advocating for constitutional governance and fiscal responsibility.

Marcia is the founder of WilCo We The People, a grassroots organization that aims to educate and mobilize the community to make a difference in local government. The group is committed to constitutional law and the principles laid out in the Ten Commandments.

In 2016, Marcia served as the Promoter and Producer for the documentary “Revelation: Dawn of Global Government.” The film resonated with conservatives and Christians alike, achieving a remarkable 7th place in national box office rankings for its genre.

Beyond her professional and civic pursuits, Marcia is a Constitutional Speaker, educating Texans on the importance of constitutional literacy, especially in the context of Texas’s autonomy and governance.


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