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3318 Hwy 365 Suite 243
Nederland, TX 77627

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Director of Membership, Texas Nationalist Movement

Regina Ross

Regina Ross, Membership Director for the Texas Nationalist Movement, is a fifth-generation Texan whose decade-plus service has been instrumental in elevating the member experience and advancing the pursuit of Texas independence.

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Regina Ross serves as the esteemed Membership Director of the Texas Nationalist Movement, bringing over a decade of dedicated service to the cause of Texas independence. A fifth-generation Texan, Regina’s deep connection to the Lone Star State is the cornerstone of her unwavering advocacy for its autonomy and prosperity.

Her tenure with TNM began in 2008, initially as a supporter, and her commitment to the organization’s mission has seen her ascend through a series of increasingly strategic roles. From County Coordinator to Regional Director, and through the ranks of Volunteer Director to Director of Organizational Development, Regina has honed her expertise in member engagement and organizational strategy. Her progression to Membership Director is a testament to her leadership capabilities and her integral role in shaping the TNM’s trajectory.

In her current role, Regina is the architect of the member experience, dedicated to ensuring that every interaction with TNM is supportive, informative, and aligned with the values of the independence movement. Her open-door policy is not merely a protocol, but a reflection of her genuine commitment to the members she serves.

Regina’s daily motivations are firmly rooted in the advancement of Texas’ path to independence—a vision that guides her actions from dawn until dusk. Her dedication to the movement is paralleled by her passion for connecting with like-minded individuals across the state, fostering unity and shared purpose.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Regina cherishes her heritage and personal life as a mother and grandmother. She is an avid supporter of Texas culture, especially its rich musical legacy. Her affinity for the outdoors is evident in her enjoyment of gardening, as well as her enthusiasm for camping and fishing—activities that reflect the state’s natural beauty and her own zest for life.

As a beacon of leadership within the Texas Nationalist Movement, Regina Ross embodies the principles of service, community, and the relentless pursuit of Texas’ sovereign future.


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