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Founder and Executive Director, Texans Uniting for Reform and Freedom (TURF)

Terri Hall

Terri is the Founder and Executive Director of Texans Uniting for Reform and Freedom (TURF), an organization committed to defending property rights and the freedom to travel, with a focus on opposing toll roads and privatization of public highways in Texas.

personal info

Terri grew up in Silicon Valley and earned a B.A. in English from UCLA, where she also developed an interest in political science, focusing on the impact of media on politics. While at UCLA, she received the Chancellor’s Service Award for her outstanding commitment to philanthropy.

She and her husband chose Texas as their home and have become successful business owners. Terri is also a dedicated mother to ten children, whom she educates at home.

Activism and Leadership

Pressed into service by the threat of unaccountable, new taxation through statewide tolling, Terri founded the San Antonio Toll Party. This organization aims to prevent the double taxation of freeways and promote non-toll transportation solutions. In 2007, she expanded her efforts by launching Texans Uniting for Reform and Freedom (TURF), a statewide non-profit group committed to defending citizens from tolling and the privatization of public highways. TURF also opposes the Left’s anti-car climate agenda.

Achievements and Recognition

TURF has supporters across Texas and members in 22 states. The organization has enjoyed numerous successes, including unseating toll advocates, stopping toll road construction, and exposing illegal activities within the highway department. Terri was named San Antonian of the Year for 2007 by WOAI Radio and received several other awards for her activism.

Media and Public Speaking

Terri has spoken before large audiences, including a rally of 12,000 people in D.C. She has organized marches, appeared on national TV shows, and has been featured in local radio and TV across Texas. She has also contributed to various publications, including the Examiner and the San Antonio Express-News.

Current Initiatives

TURF continues to be an all-volunteer, grassroots organization committed to defending property rights and the freedom to travel. The organization has been featured in national publications like the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and New York Times. Terri invites you to learn more and join the fight at


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